Photographing toddlers - reviews and images!

So the Photographing Toddlers breakout session is in full swing! The private forum is being filled with testimonials, picture shares and questions. I'm enjoying it tremendously!! Some of the participants have been generous enough to write a review of the materials, which I'm really proud to share (with their permission):

------------------- I am AMAZED - so amazed that it's almost midnight but I COULDN'T go to bed without posting of it's awesomeness!!  The quality of this breakout is outstanding, it's BEAUTIFULLY organized, I feel like it was made as a gift for me from someone who truly cares about me and WANTS me to succeed and have fun doing it in a STRESS-FREE way (from reading it and learning to shooting!). There is SO much included... there have been some online stuff I have bought and been a little bummed by... but, this... this gave me an adrenaline rush because I was so exited and empowered! She speaks in a kind and humble and lovely way and I feel like I could listen to her talk all day.  

Lisa... Thank you!!!!! I really can tell that you put your heart into this. Doing so in this way is not always such an easy thing to do (in fact very rarely - therefore a really lovely thing to come across), and I am ever so grateful for the love that you put into this. Your energy and goodness is contagious and it is exactly what I need right now - such a great pick me up to end the day! (Mel Willms)


If you are on the fence about getting this breakout, let me enable you! Go Get It!  I love photographing kids, but like everyone knows, it's not the world's easiest task! This BO is filled with helpful tips that I can't wait to try! Once I started reading I couldn't put it down. I especially loved the videos.  Lisa does a great job of showing you her thought process and I'll be including some of her workflow in my own! Thanks Lisa for this great BO... and for inspiring toddler photographers everywhere! (Brandi P.)

--------------------- I have always loved Lisa Tichané's work!, and so when I finally went through the PDF for her breakout, I devoured every page of it!  I went through it last night and again this morning and wasted no time trying to put some of her tips to work.  

What I loved about this breakout was that there were so many wonderful pieces of practical advice for how to deal with photographing toddlers, whether it's for a client or your own.  Plus the eye candy in the breakout is amazing... so many wonderful, happy, joy-filled images that really do make you want to pick up your camera and capture everything that makes toddlers the fun little subjects they can be.

So with that in mind, I saw my two-year-old walking around this morning playing his guitar (he is obsessed with Murray from the Wiggles), and so I thought, why not?  Usually we don't let him jump on our bed, but I just went with it. (Tricia Ebarvia)




"THANK YOU so much for this wonderful breakout, Lisa!  It came just in time for me to take my son's 2 year pictures. This is just a quick edit (using your fabulous "touch of color" action) of one of my faves from our session. The balloons worked miracles! I've only made it through your first two videos, but I can't tell you how much I have learned from them already. It has been so helpful to see a true professional's work flow. I am a newbie and had absolutely no system in place... Thanks again!!" (Erica Hacker)



Last but not least I cannot resist the pleasure of sharing the beautiful before/after images created by the amazing Kristin Ingalls... Isn't her work fabulous?? She used the exclusive Photoshop actions created for this breakout session on her images:



And I could go on an on... I'm truly overwhelmed by the fabulous reviews this breakout received, thank you SO much to you all!

You can download it immediately from the CM Store!



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