How to start your photography year on the right foot

With a new year come new projects, new goals, new energy. What if 2015 was the moment to finally take the leap and shoot what makes your heart sing? If you are tired of fake smiles and stiff family poses... If you want to capture true emotion, bursting laughter, fabulous connections that will bring a smile to your face... If you want to finally enjoy family sessions, and feel a rush of excitement before each shoot because you know you are going to have a blast... If you want to reconnect with your inner joy, and watch your subjects being genuinely happy in front of your camera... The Capturing Joy workshop is made for you!!

A new run of the class is starting on January 26th, just in time to get you on the right track for the new year!

Start 2015 with a creativity push... Join us NOW!

Capturing Joy workshop

Here is what the past students of the Capturing Joy workshop had to say about their experience:

"Best course ever!! If you want to infuse your photography (and, as an added bonus, your every day) with laughter and joy: RUN and sign up for the next run of this course. Not only are Lisa’s PDFs immensely informative and packed full of beautiful, inspiring and infectiously happy photos, but they also provide an incredible amount of practical advice and easy-to-put-into-practice tips and suggestions. There is such a wealth of fun ideas that flows from the class. (...) If you’re looking for inspiration, take this class. If you’re looking for useful, practical and ingenious ideas for capturing love, laughter and joy in your photography, take this class. If you want to learn from one of the most encouraging, generous and HAPPY instructors out there, take this class. Simply: TAKE THIS CLASS. You won’t regret it." (Val)


"I got SO much out of this class. Lisa is simply amazing, encouraging, inspiring, I could go on and on. She pours herself into teaching the class. I came away with so many great methods for infusing joy into my images (without needing to be a comedic source for my subjects, which was not working well!). I gained so much technical knowledge from her, assistants and fellow student’s critiques. One of the best parts was realizing how fulfilling capturing joy truly is. The images I took during this class make me so happy and my subjects were happier about having their picture taken too!" (Alissa Cole)


"This was such a FUN workshop!!! Shooting for this class felt less like an assignment and more like a game. The PDFs each week were HUGE and jam-packed with helpful information about how to really inspire, capture, and emphasize the joy in your subjects. I took PAGES of notes while reading the PDFs, because there were so many great ideas and I didn’t want to miss or forget a single one. I was blown away by all the details Lisa provided, and know I’ll be referencing those before my sessions again and again. I am *really* excited about applying what I learned with my upcoming sessions!" (Kelley K.)


"This class is nothing short of wonderful. Lisa has organized materials in a way that are engaging and informative…I could not WAIT to receive each week’s assigned reading! Not only are the materials a joy to read, but they provide the tools and inspiration you need as a photographer to infuse your own images with joy. Lisa never tries to make your photos look like hers, but rather she lets you translate the emotions of her work into your own style. I cannot recommend this class enough!" (Kellie)


"This course is a winner! If you’re looking to infuse some love and laughter into your work, this is the course to take. Lisa is a very encouraging instructor. She provides thorough feedback and is always available to students even between assignments. The course materials are full of information. Not just theories but effective ideas ready to be put into practice. I have nothing but high praise for this course and Lisa as a teacher." (Meg)

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