Capturing Joy Workshop for Photographers | Registration is open!!

It's time for a new run of the Capturing Joy workshop, and I couldn't be happier!!!! Capturing Joy workshop for photographers

The last one was nothing short of amazing, I'm still in awe of the students' amazing work... I am currently preparing a special blog post about it so stay tuned :)

I just wanted to announce that registration is now open for CM lifetime members! Everybody else will ba able to sign up as from Monday (April 14th). The last run of the class was sold out, so grab your stop while you still can!!! The workshop will start on May 19th.

To learn more about what this online photography workshop is about, check out this article, or have a sneak peek at the class materials!

EDIT: a new run is starting on August 11... Registration is OPEN, don't miss out!!. I can't wait to spend a fabulously joyful month with you!