Children photography workshop | Capturing Joy

There are many amazing things about getting to teach the Capturing Joy workshop. One of them is the daily fix of happiness. Every single day during the 4 weeks of this online class, students share their favorite joy-filled images with the group and believe me when I tell you that our cheeks hurt by the end of each day. This workshop is the best anti-depressant ever! A new run is starting next month (June 20th) and registration is already open if you want to join the fun.

If you are wondering what this workshop is about, it’s all in the title. This class is dedicated to children and family lifestyle photography, with a very special twist: how to capture true, authentic, bursting joy. If you want to know how to create the conditions for happy faces and bursting laughter during your children and family sessions, this class is for you. Whether you are a working pro or a passionate hobbyist photographing your own kids, you will learn all my tricks to get images that simply ooze happiness. The added bonus of this class is that it will make you smile every single day of the 4 weeks we are going to spend together, not only because you’ll have tons of fun, but also thanks to the wonderful eye candy created by your classmates.

Click here if you want to know everything about this 4-week online class! And don’t forget to sign up as soon as possible, this workshop is filling fast and is usually sold out before it starts.

In the meantime, let’s spread the joy with the amazing work of the past run! Thank you so much to all of you for such a wonderful, inspiring month.


If you are anything like me and feel like there is never enough joy in your life, you can also get some more eye candy, with the incredible work of the 6th run of the Capturing Joy workshop! This link will also lead you to the previous runs if you want some more inspiration :)