Children and family photography workshop | Capturing Joy

This is my favorite time of the year... When I finally get to proudly share the work of my students!!! The 4th run of the Capturing Joy workshop was in January/February, and despite the gloomy weather we had the most joyful group ever!

Another good news is that a brand new run of the Capturing Joy workshop is starting on May 25th. Registration is already open and the class is filling really fast, so sign up NOW!

In the meantime, you can get your daily dose of joy with this small sample of the amazing talent shared by this group. We had such an amazing 4 weeks together!

Capturing Joy - Chelsea FeldmanCapturing Joy - Kimberly WallaCapturing Joy - Leslie KleylaCapturing Joy - Sharlene HarveyCapturing Joy - Ashley BerrieCapturing Joy - Leah (The Salted Image)Capturing Joy - Emilia (Milka Photography)Capturing Joy - Lauren SheintalCapturing Joy - Ashley BerrieCapturing Joy - Leah (The Salted Image)Capturing Joy - Carrie OchalCapturing Joy - Dewinta DandotCapturing Joy - Chelsea FeldmanCapturing Joy - Sharlene HarveyCapturing Joy - Emilia (Milka Photography)Capturing Joy - Kimberly KnudsenCapturing Joy - Emilia (Milka Photography)Capturing Joy - Erin HeveyCapturing Joy - Christine LaneydoCapturing Joy - Leslie KleylaCapturing Joy - Marcie ReifCapturing Joy - Melissa SantangeloCapturing Joy - Blaire RingCapturing Joy - Leah (The Salted Image)Capturing Joy - Alisha Pemberton


If you are anything like me and feel like there is never enough joy in your life, you can also get some more eye candy, with the incredible work of the 1st Capturing Joy workshop students, or with the amazing images taken during the 2nd run, and the 3rd run of the workshop!

Capturing Joy workshopThank you so much to the students for making these classes such a happy experience, and for allowing me to share their fabulous work.