Capturing Joy | Lifestyle online photography workshop

It's this time of the year again... Oh how I love when I get to proudly share the work of my students!!! The 5th run of the Capturing Joy workshop was in May, and we had the most joyful group ever!

Seeing their wonderful images makes me all excited about the next run starting on October 19th. Registration is already open and the class is filling really fast, so sign up NOW!

In the meantime, you can get your daily dose of joy with this small sample of the amazing talent shared by this group. We had such an amazing 4 weeks together!

Capturing-Joy1-Crystal-GonsalvezCapturingJoy2-Amy-Wanamaker4CapturingJoy2-Erin-BaerCapturingJoy3-Divya-WolfCapturingJoy4-Monica-DavisCapturingJoy5-jenny-parkerCapturingJoy6-LynetteCapturingJoy7-carolyn-roustCapturingJoy8-Erin-BaerCapturingJoy9-Amy-Wanamaker5CapturingJoy10-Amy-MelhosCapturingJoy11-Jamie Rubeis PhotographyCapturingJoy11-jenny-parkerCapturingJoy12-Elizabeth-ChanCapturingJoy13-JaneenCapturingJoy14-Erin-BaerCapturingJoy15-Michal-FriesenCapturingJoy16-Anita-UzelacCapturingJoy17-aAmy-Wanamaker3CapturingJoy18-Erin-Baer-CapturingJoy19-carolyn-roustCapturingJoy20-Crystal-GonsalvezCapturingJoy20-jenny-parkerCapturingJoy21-Jenny-WolterCapturingJoy22-Karen-LackenbyCapturingJoy23-Amy-WanamakerCapturingJoy24-Divya-Wolf4-CapturingJoy25-MaryAnne-GatesCapturingJoy26-Crystal-GonsalvezCapturingJoy26-LynetteAnd because there is never enough joy in our life, you can also get some more eye candy with the incredible work of the 1st Capturing Joy workshop students, or with the amazing images taken during the 2nd run, 3rd run and 4th run of the workshop!